Saint Germain


The ruler of the Aquarian Age
– the next 2000 years:

Incarnation Linage:

SAINT GERMAIN has been a RULER OF AN ANCIENT CIVILISATION more than 50.000 years ago, situated where the Sahara Desert now is.

He was a HIGH PRIEST ON ATLANTIS years ago.
In Biblical times he was SAMUEL THE PROPHET (1.000 BC). He was  JOSEPH, the father of JESUS

Later he became (SAINT) ALBAN, a Roman soldier  (third century AC).
PROCLUS was his name from 410 - 485 A.D.
MERLIN he was in the time of King Arthur.
1214-1294 he was ROGER BACON, scientist, philosopher etc.).
He was CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS, the discoverer of the new world

FRANCIS BACON (1561- May 1, 1684)
- the true writer of the Shakesperian plays! (see links below).

Francis Bacon was his last life before his ascension.

COMTE DE SAINT GERMAIN (the Wonderman of Europe) was his last physical life .

our guide and leader  for the next 2.000 years -

He is the "CHOHAN" (LORD) of the 7TH RAY of freedom, mercy, and transmutation (violet flame).


clipThe Ascended Master Saint Germain is one of the Great Beings from the Spiritual Hierarchy who govern this system of worlds. He is the Cosmic Authority under the Seventh Ray, the Violet Ray, the purifying, cleansing Power that is raising the Earth into its permanent Golden Age. There are thousands of Ascended Masters from the Earth and other spheres who have joined in Saint Germain's Work. They are living, tangible Beings who raised their bodies into the Ascension, as did Jesus the Christ, who left an etheric record of the Ascension over the Hill of Bethany. They are wholly divine and beyond the realm of human mistakes. These Great Beings of Light and Love are the elder brothers and sisters of mankind. They give assistance without limit to all who will call to Them and make individual effort to serve the constructive way of Life.


In the twentieth century, the Master went before the Lords of Karma to plead the cause of freedom for and on behalf of the original 576 he has sponsored, expanding that circle to include the Light bearers of all centuries--the original Keepers of the Flame who came with Sanat Kumara as well as the children of God who had been evolving unto the spiritual gifts and graces through earth's numerous ages.

    However, as the decades have passed, the rate of increase in the return of mankind's karma has precipitated what is known as the Dark Cycle--the era of Chaos and old Night whose signs are foretold in Revelation, even as the hoof beats of the Four Horsemen can be heard throughout the land.

    Let us listen to the prophet Samuel--dubbed Uncle Sam by his people--who has indeed begun to sound his prophecy to the chosen. He has warned that the I AM Race--those who have the seed of the name I AM THAT I AM within their hearts--"have not hearkened unto the LORD, nor have they fulfilled the wholeness of the Law." Therefore, the Master says:

    Some among this people must be and become direct initiates of Sanat Kumara, for always there has been the requirement of the ransom. Let those who are the inner circle of the devotees, those who are the first fruits who come and stand as the ensign of the people, raise up the banner of Christ as the one whom they serve, the one who by his very Communion promise at the Last Supper designated each and every son and daughter of God for the internalization of the Word...

    Unfortunately, and this word is mild, but it is unfortunate indeed that the laws of Christ and his Teachings, so meticulously brought forth to the close initiates, are not fully known today, having been taken even from the holy people. Therefore, to obey Christ becomes the challenge of the hour--to find the Person of that Christ, to find the Way and the Teachings.

    You have received the lost Word and the lost Teachings of Jesus Christ through our effort....As a result of this, you have been strengthened and protected in that Word and Teaching. And some from among you have taken their leave at the conclusion of their embodiment and gone on in the full resurrection with Jesus Christ....Thus, the proof of the Teaching and the Path is that it leads one successively to that higher and higher consciousness where unto the individual is assumed into the very heart of the I AM Presence [becoming indeed the pure Person of that Christ].

    Today, as we see the cycles of earth's returning karma reach a mounting crescendo wherein even the four sacred freedoms are threatened, the Brotherhood has set aside a place in America's Rocky Mountains for the pursuit of the Lost Teachings of Christ to their fullest expression.

    Saint Germain spoke of it in 1983 when he said that we have come "to a similar moment to that of that final hour of the golden age when I presided where the Sahara now is. My family is much larger than it was then, for I include every one of you who love me as my very own family.... In that hour, our family was taken to the golden etheric city of light. In this hour, we have summoned you to a higher place in the mountains of the north."

    As the outpost of the Royal Teton Retreat, it is called the Royal Teton Ranch.  Beloved Jesus announced on May 1, 1984, that to this Inner Retreat in southwestern Montana, to this "Place Prepared," Lord Maitreya had come again to re-open his Mystery School, which had been withdrawn from the physical octave just prior to the sinking of Lemuria.

    Let us see what we may accomplish for our beloved Terra and our brothers and sisters on earth with the renewed opportunity the Hierarchs of the Aquarian Age, our beloved Saint Germain and his twin flame, the Ascended Lady Master Portia, have given to us.

    Let us study to show ourselves worthy of the gifts of prophecy and of the working of miracles which he brings. And most importantly, let us strive to the utmost to overcome personal and planetary karma through those invocations to the violet flame and Seventh Ray rituals of transmutation we once knew, that the prophecy of Saint Germain's Great Golden Age may be fulfilled.

    The Keepers of the Violett Flame have vowed to be victorious in this age. And they shall!

Every human being uses energy and substance waking and sleeping. Everyone is creating vibration and form through the individual consciousness every instant. The Law of energy acts whether the individual be ignorant or wise and no one ever escapes. The conscious use of the Violet Consuming Flame is the only means Life has provided by which any human being can free himself (or herself) from his own discord and imperfection. This means to call to the "Mighty I AM Presence" to produce the Violet Flame® and then visualize and feel the Flame passing through the body and around it. This is the way the individual becomes free from the limitations and inharmony of Earth and thus becomes the Ascended Master. The Great Eternal Law is that every individual must purify his (her) own creation by daily use of the Violet Consuming Flame. It is not possible for anyone else to do it for him. Since he created his imperfections, so must he uncreate and purify them, until all in his being and world manifests Perfection. Then he is free.