Archangel Metatron



Born: Thursday
Assignation: Thought
Daily Affirmation: "I can create from the power of my own thoughts."
Celestial Title: Angel of the Covenant

Archangel Metatron, also referred to as the 'Chancellor of Heaven', and in some angelology circles is said to be more powerful than Gabriel or Michael. Metatron is assigned to the sustenance of mankind and holds the link between human and the divine. Consequently he is able to infiltrate earthly intelligence very easily. He supervises our thoughts and deeds and assists us in recording them for future access. Metatron's objective is to keep your thoughts free of clutter so that your are ready and able to receive the truths that will allow you to become the best you can be. He will help you connect to your own truth and higher self if you ask.

Metatron reminds us that everything begins with a thought. This angel sparks our imagination and fuels our own powers of manifestation.

Associations & Assignments

Like any entity charged with duties and responsibilities, Archangels have certain associations of creation that are engraved in the very fibers of their etheric being. They are handed specifics to govern. Its these assignments that bring them into this dimension where they can participate with us.

Celestial Order: Seraphim
Chakra: Throat (5th)
Color: Lapis Blue
Planetary assignment: Earth (the only angel believed to be married to the Earth by God)
Main Issue: Communication, Self-expression
Sense: Sound/hearing
Fragrances/Incense/Oils: Chamomile, Myrrh
Crystals: Lapis lazuli, Turquoise, Aquamarine
Life Lesson: Personal expression



I bring to mankind, from God,
the Gift of Procreation,
your immortality.

I counsel you to love every child.
Do not abuse any child,
nor stand idly by
and allow harm to come to a child.
Neither should you neglect a child.

For children are the lambs of God
and fiercely loved by Him!


And now I beseech you
not to pray to me,
for I am only a messenger of the Lord.

Pray only to God.

Rabinnic tradition insists
Metatron is the greatest archangel of all.

However, as a Christian angel,
he is more of a mystery than all others.

Metatron is called:
Prince of the Divine Face
Angel of the Covenant
King of Angels
Lesser YHWH (tetragrammaton)

Metatron is charged with the sustenance
of the world.

In the Talmud and Targum, Metatron is the direct link
between God and humanity.

Metatron is the most junior of the Heavenly host.
The first written record of this angel
makes him about 8500 years old.

This is relatively young,
when we consider that most of the angels
were created at the same time as the universe,
fifteen billion years ago.

Metatron was once the patriarch Enoch,
who was transformed into this angel.

In the Chronicles of Enoch, there is a passage about
when he first visited heaven,
before his death and transformation.

It reads:

"Then the Lord said to Michael:
'Go and strip Enoch of his own clothes;
anoint him with oil, and dress him like ourselves'
and Michael did as he was told.
He stripped me of my clothes,
and rubbed me over with a wonderful oil
like dew; with the scent of myrrh;
which shone like a sunbeam. And I looked at myself,
and I was like one of the other angels;
there was no difference
and all my fear and trembling left me."

Enoch was chosen by the Lord
as a writer of truth, the greatest scribe of the land.
As the Archangel Metatron, these abilities followed him.
For Metatron is known as the heavenly scribe
who writes down everything which happens in Heaven.

There is a passage in Exodus which refers to Metatron:

"Behold I send an angel before thee,
to keep thee in the way and bring thee
unto the place which I have prepared."

Evidence indicates that this guiding angel was Metatron,
as it is stated that the angel appeared
"as a pillar of fire, his face more dazzling than the sun."

Metatron is said to be the tallest angel
in the celestial hierarchy.
He stands somewhere between 8 and 13 feet tall.

There is a mysterious connection between Metatron
and the Shekinah.

Shekinah is the female principle of God in man.

According to the Zohar,
creation of the world was the work of Shekinah.

The Shekinah was exiled after the
Fall of Adam and Eve.

Rabinnic teachings are that
"to lead the Shekinah back to God
and to unite Her with Him
is the true purpose of the Torah."

In the Alphabet of Ben Sira, there is the story
of the marriage of God and Earth (Elohim and Edem):

God demands from Earth the "loan" of Adam
for one thousand years.
Upon Earth agreeing to the loan,

God writes out a formal receipt,

and it is witnessed by Michael and Gabriel.

According to the story,
the receipt is on deposit to this day
in the archives of Metatron, the heavenly scribe.

In occult writings,
Metatron is described as the twin brother,
or half brother, of the angel Sandalphon.

Metatron is the supreme angel of death.
God daily gives orders to Metatron
as to the souls to be taken that day.
These orders Metatron transmits to his

In the Chronicles of Jerahmeel,
Metatron is considered mightier than either
Michael or Gabriel.

The story goes that whereas neither
Michael nor Gabriel
was able to eject Jannes and Jambres,
the Egyptian wizards, from Heaven,
(they had gotten there through witchcraft)
Metatron was able to expel them.

In Jewish angelology,
Metatron is "the angel who caused another angel
to announce, before the Flood,
that God would destroy the world."

According to the Talmud, Metatron is
"teacher of prematurely dead children
in Paradise."