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Can YOU Imagine - Follow Some Easy Steps And You Are The Most
Happy Person Full Of Joy For
Many Miles Around!!



Do you want to know an
amazing secret?

The truth is that the people who are happy, have lives that are just as challenging as people who mostly feel miserable, sad, angry and fearful. The secret is that the most joyful people simply direct their responsibilities and struggles in a more positive way
than everyone else.

The Most Effective Tool you need to transform your life into joy and happiness is waiting for you. It will help you...

  • easily and without efforts get into a positive state of mind ..
  • helps to boost your relaxation and inner well being..
  • reduce stress, anxiety, tension and worry and invites more peace into your life...
  • as a basic platform to dissolve the fear blocks and resistance that hold you back from joy...
  • to create new ways of experiencing yourself and your world in a new positive angle...

Read on to discover more...

This is THE Product to Transform
Fear into Love and Joy

From: Tom OM

Dear Spiritual Traveler,

Life is a dream. Life is wonderful. Life is joy. Life is amazing.  Beauty can be seen everywhere.  We meet people, things and situations all around us that can give us joy that don't require altering brain chemicals...

But, you know, true joy and happiness is as strange a concept to the average person as the idea of being a billionaire... Unthinkable.  Inconceivable.  

Sure, even weeks or months everyone has their happy moments in life where "everything is going so well."  But mostly in everyone's life, these times of joy and good fortune and the accompanying good feelings must end, to be overtaken by the "normal" ups and downs of everyday life.  And most people have the unrealistic (often unconscious) wish for these exciting times to never end or they have the desire to have lives like the fake people on TV and in movies. But that make life's predictable challenges, losses, misfortunes and heartbreaks even more devastating.  

And so these high times of short happiness and these unrealistic fantasy lives in TV is what most people desire, get addicted to and become obsessed with.

The truth?  Life is difficult.  Sure.  

The daily challenges can be completely overwhelming.  

All of us, even those born into wealth, fame, intelligence and beauty have such incredible demands placed on us over the course of our lives, it's a wonder someone hasn't blown the planet up long ago.  It's not for lack of trying, right?  

The average person can anticipate daily threats to their health, be targeted for theft, fraud, be threatened with death, have harsh demands placed on them at work, home, when traveling...


And as we get older, our health fails, pain, disease, mental decline, inability to even take care of ourselves... ah, the "golden" years.

Yes, all of it can create negative "stress" on the body and mind.

Life in the 21st century shouldn't be so damn difficult, right?  

So because our days are filled with one problem or tragedy after another, it hardly ever helps to be reminded that just a few short decades ago, people had it a lot worse in terms of "lifestyle".  It doesn't usually make the "average" person feel better to know that medicine is better today, that life-spans are longer, cars are more reliable, the supermarket is just around the corner...  

...that it could be worse!  


Even though living in developed countries today is relatively safe, that opportunities for financial security are more plentiful, that the love of your life could be just a few mouse clicks away, that food doesn't have to be hunted anymore... It doesn't help us because the worst of humanity is pumped into our homes 24 hours/day on CNN, we're reminded from every direction what we don't have and how we're not good enough and smart enough, our jobs aren't secure because of intense competition... (gasp, pant, gasp, wheeze!)  

It's as much a dog eat dog world now as it ever was... So are happy people just crazy?  

Are they all stoned?   

Are they blind to reality?  


They are brilliant.  

There are studies about the most fearful people, the most angry people, the most dishonest people.  

And there are also studies about the happiest people.

And you know what?  

95+% of the time, it's not biology or finances or country or physical or intelligence that makes them that way...  

It's focus.   

There is plenty to be fearful and angry about in this world - for anyone.  

But the happiest people in this studies result, don't zero in on it.  They don't dwell on it.  

They simply let the crap go.  

And to be able to do that so well and so naturally that they rarely get into a bad mood about anything is absolutely brilliant.  

They don't compare themselves to everyone else.  They don't keep thinking about what isn't perfect.  They just do their best with the hand they're dealt.  

It's a tremendously valuable (and fairly rare) skill.  

They can do this because their happiness comes from the core of who they are.  It's not fake.    

As good as many people are at putting a happy face on in public, the average person is secretly almost obsessed with what isn't good enough and what isn't perfect in their lives and in the world around them.  

The average person, no matter what they do have, feels bad about what they don't have because they dwell on it.  

Society today is trying to teach us that we should strive for a "dream life."  So when ridiculously common errors occur, when mistakes are made, when delays or denials happen, when someone disagrees with us, because we want the "dream life" but don't have it, many people get instantly angry, frustrated.   

"Life's not 'fair'!"  

Of course it's not.  It never will be 'fair'.  And any unrealistic hope that life will be 'fair' prevents you from feeling lasting joy, from being truly happy, from experiencing the deepest pleasure from the good things in your life.  

But it no longer has to be this way.  

You can be many times happier than you are now even if nothing were to change in your life.

"Your CD is absolutely revolutionizing my life"

"I just have to tell you!  Your Infinite Joy CD is absolutely revolutionizing my life!  After listening to it only 3 days, I could see (and others could, as well) the difference it was making in the way I meet and deal with a full range of challenges.

On Day 3 of listening to my new wonder tool, I was suddenly faced with a situation at my doctor's office that forced me to deal with a lifelong mega-fear.  And I mean an uncontrollable, shaking, sweating, crying kind of fear.  Although my initial reaction was the hard-wired enemy, this time there was a difference. The fear was real, but underneath it was a calm and a resolution and total faith that this situation was a GIFT, and that I would be better, stronger and happier once I faced it!  Oh, my gosh!  A total reversal of the way I would've been without Infinite Joy!

One very powerful thing is the fact that the statements on your CD are in the present tense. Realizing that made me understand why past positive affirmations have failed to bring lasting change: I said them in the future tense.  Even though I was geared the right direction, it was like I was waiting for something, waiting for the time to be 'right' somehow, not realizing that the NOW is the only true moment.

The more I listen, the more I want to listen.  And it's not just while I sleep.  I listen to it cooking, getting ready in the morning, cleaning...and it's truly accomplishing what you said it would!  I'm amazed at how quickly and easily my behavior is changing...and it's effortless.  I'm not having to think about my responses, not having to manually steer them to the positive.  IT'S HAPPENING ON ITS OWN!

Last year I finally decided to address the dissatisfaction I had been experiencing for several years at my work, which is in the secretarial / administrative field.  I enrolled in a copy writing course (I'm a writer at heart) and have a goal set to be freelancing before the end of next year.  While I'm proud of my initiative, I know that after what I've witnessed so far with Infinite Joy, I'll be accomplishing far and away beyond what I would've on my own...and so much faster!  Your CD is every thing I could've dared to hope it could be.

- Judith Le Bon ,  USA   


Introducing Infinite Joy Now! 

Infinite Joy! was created by studying the happiest people alive.  It is designed to help anyone who needs to lighten up and not take themselves so seriously.  It is for depressed people.  It is for anxious worriers.  It is for people who are obsessive in their thoughts.  It is for people who have anger problems.  

It is for people who want to rip their blinders off and be able to see and appreciate all the good things all around them before it's too late.

Your goal in using this program should be to turn down the bad and make it blurry and turn up the good and make it sharp and clear.

Because when you recognize and pay attention to the fun stuff, you'll smile more.   

You'll do everything better.   

You'll be more fun to be around.   

You'll have more and better friends.  

Keep in mind, though, that it is not the purpose of this program nor is it even possible for it to make you live with "rose-colored glasses."  It cannot make you ignore real problems and their real consequences.  So there is no danger in using this program as directed.

A simple, proven effective approach 

This Silent Subliminal format is bombarding you with audible (your mind can hear them) mental re-patterning statements designed to help you literally let go of thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and emotions that contribute to the behaviors like shyness, drug abuse, indecision and panic.  Over a background of specially composed 60 beat per minute music, each re-patterning statement is in triple repetition to take advantage of how the brain learns best... by hearing things over and over.  

Using two very different types of statements, Releasing and Installing, your mind will be conditioned to literally re-groove your mental habits.

With first-person present-tense self instructions cluster-bombing your old mind-set, you will be forced to believe and truly embrace a new set of extraordinarily positive realities, ones that you could not be close to having now...  

Because they are found only in the happiest people who ever lived.  

The Patterns You'll Release 

About 35%% of the statements are "Releasing" statements, phrases that teach your mind to trust and believe that you have let go of, have been forgiven for and have forgiven others a lot of crap... all the crap that is poisoning your mind and feeding the beliefs and attitudes that keep you from enjoying every minute of every day to the fullest.  

You will hear that you have, indeed, replaced the thoughts and beliefs that feed anger, envy, stress, frustration, worry, fear and the expectation of "tragedy."  

One statement after another, in triplicate, you will be deeply instilled with these beliefs:
All blocks to infinite joy have dissolved
All your thoughts and images of sadness have faded away
You are free of all anxious thoughts and habits
Even when things don't go your way, you remain optimistic that it will all get better soon
You are free of all negativity in your life
You are grateful for your challenges because of who they make you
You are happy in spite of all your challenges
Even though you embrace abundance in all areas of your life, you are free of greed
You can breathe life into any task no matter how unpleasant it may be
You can forgive other people for their mistakes
You are free of all resentment and bitterness towards others
You quickly forgive yourself for the mistakes you make
You now find it easy to respond positively to the stresses of everyday life
You have risen above all past limitations
You are free of all jealousy and are happy for the blessings of others
You naturally see all problems as small and easy to overcome
You learn valuable lessons from all your daily struggles
You are free of all negative emotional bondage that anyone or anything ever had on you
You see all your daily challenges as well within your capabilities
You take every difficulty in stride and always keep your cool
You are resilient - Your daily trials give you wisdom, strength and confidence
You work through every struggle with absolute faith that everything will work out for you
You are a clear thinker and find solutions to problems quickly and easily
You are great at finding the silver lining in every dark cloud
In spite of your faults, you are happy to be you
It's easy for you to let go of negative emotions and happily move forward
Making your own mistakes has taught you how important it is to forgive others for theirs
Through every setback, you can stay happy knowing that, ultimately, you will succeed
Your mind is now free of all harsh critical judgment
No matter how much chaos there may be around you, your thoughts are peaceful and calm
Through all of life's difficulties, you just smile and do your best
Out of every misfortune you see tremendous opportunity
Through your daily struggles, you become more in every way
When adversity threatens to steal your enthusiasm, you remember this too shall pass
You thoroughly enjoy the process of working through every challenge you face

And so much more.  

Does this seem unrealistic?

Do you know people who always seem to be up?

Everyone likes them, don't they?  They may not be rich, but they're happier than all the wealthy people you know, isn't that right?  

That's because possessions can't make you truly happy.  

Only the proper way of thinking can do that.  

There will always be plenty of hate and sadness in the world.  There will always be challenges cropping up daily.  There will always be envy, revenge, corruption.  

Life is most definitely not fair.  

Look at that list again.  With all the evil in the world, it is most common to disagree with those beliefs.  Most people do not think this way.  

That is why there is so much sadness, self-pity and anger around us.

Sure, life isn't perfect.  In fact, at times, possibly all of the time it may feel like a constant uphill battle fought without weapons or even a plan of attack.  Yes, everyday life can feel just like you are fighting a war.

But that is no way to live.  Is it?  

You could read every "don't worry, be happy" book... you could be in therapy for 30 years and you would still never be exposed to such powerful, life-altering re-programming as you will find in Infinite Joy Now!

It's the words and it's the format that makes the difference.  

That is the key to unlocking the thrilled-to-be-alive person inside of you just aching to get out.  

Without this kind of mental barrage hammering away, ripping out your old ways of thinking about life, you may only be living a half a life.

Most people live their entire lives trapped inside their own dark mental chamber of horrors... even those who are good at pasting the fake smile on each day.  

Unlock your unlimited passion for living.  Experience the real pleasures hidden all around you.  Use this proven system.  You have nothing to lose.  Let go of all those negative emotions that make you unhappy.  

Your new beliefs will make every day a great day 

The Installing statements you will hear on Infinite Joy Now! are as triumphant as you will ever encounter.  They are the beliefs and attitudes of the happiest people who ever lived and who ever will live.

No joke.  

So not only will you get a private glimpse inside the minds of the most grateful, fun-loving people alive, but with every minute you play this program, you will be getting programmed with it.  

As you listen to Infinite Joy Now!, just like sands though an hour glass, these positive re-patterning statements will be filling you up and filling you up with the most cheerful, harmonious attitudes you could possibly imagine.

As the Releasing statements toward the beginning of the program intersperse with and are then overtaken by the Installing statements, you will be infused with new, positive, compelling beliefs like these:  

As time goes on, you get greater and greater enjoyment out of life
Doing your best brings you tremendous peace of mind
You are a fun-loving person
Even though you strive to achieve more, you are grateful for every good thing now in your life
Happiness is your natural state of mind
You allow other people to be responsible for themselves
You always have time to enjoy the here and now
You are a very likeable person
You like people for who they are, not for who you want them to be
You are always content with doing your best
You can laugh at yourself
You are always satisfied with doing your best
You bring out the goodness in other people
You are calm and at ease no matter where you are and no matter what you are doing
You can focus on one thing at a time without distraction
You are grateful for every lesson you are given, no matter what shape it takes
You only allow positive thoughts and ideas into your mind now
You are open to doing new and different things
You appreciate even the littlest kindnesses that other people do
You base your value on what is in your heart, not what is in your wallet
You believe that everything you do, you can do better with a smile
You always have time for a good laugh
You believe that success is the peace of mind that comes from doing your best
You bring happiness and good cheer wherever you go
You can always find something to be glad about
You now see wonderful opportunities all around you
You can have fun doing almost anything
It is your choice to be happy or sad, and you choose to be happy
You deserve to be happy
You enjoy today's pleasures today
You can quickly find something to like about everyone you meet
You feel a sense of accomplishment after every job well done
You find pleasure in both giving and receiving
You learn from the past but you live completely in the present
No matter, what you remain optimistic about your promising future
You live each day with the wonder of a child
You make other people feel good about themselves
You spend more time thinking about what you do want than what you don't
You truly enjoy doing nice things for other people
You wake up excited and eager to greet each new day
You surround yourself now with happy, enthusiastic people
No matter how much or how little you have, you are grateful for all of it
It's easy for you to notice what is good/fun in almost every situation
Your happiness comes from a peaceful mind and a grateful heart
Your work feels like play to you now
No matter what you are doing, you try to make it as enjoyable as possible
The love in your heart creates harmony in every area of your life

These and many, many more...

  ...Each one installing the most critical, core beliefs and attitudes of the happiest people past, present and future.  

All in first-person, present-tense statements.  All phrased as positively, directly and as strongly as your mind could imagine.  There literally is nothing that should be added and nothing that should be taken away.  

With this more and more becoming the way you feel, there are going to be some phenomenal changes occurring in you.  

Can you even imagine it?  

I'll be honest.  You probably can't at this moment.  Very few people could.   

This is POW-erful.  

When studying the happiest people, past and present, their joy wasn't hidden.  

Every look, every expression, every word, every action showed the enormous joy, bliss, contentment and enthusiasm they have in their hearts and minds.  

And when you use Infinite Joy Now!, when you keep hitting the "Play" button, people will see that spirit come out from inside of you.  

As your old self that holds anger, envy, fear, depression and anxiety melts away, you will change dramatically.  

You will literally feel the happiness in your body and deep in your mind.

Compulsive behaviors will decline  

Any habits that are harming your health (smoking, drugs, alcohol, overeating) will feel less necessary than before  

Your relationships will improve simply because you will be much nicer to others no matter how pleasant you may be now  

You will handle even harsh criticism better - with less emotional pain  

You will do your job and all tasks faster and better and feel more inclined to "whistle while you work"  

You will attract happier, more positive people into your life  

Because you'll be less likely to waste your time moaning and complaining, people will enjoy being around you more  

You'll be able to concentrate on the task at hand easier and get better results because you "have less on your mind"  

Well, there's nothing left to do now except to put this program into action and get it on the way so you can create a more joy-filled, happier you!

Joy - Insight 1: Human beings function similar as computers. By birth,  the programs of your previous life, the inheritance linage and astrological constellations will be installed over the DNA sequence on your internal brain hard disc or the subconscious mind  . Childhood experiences will add to the constellation of your Ego-personality including all the garbage programs, which lead to unwanted behavior and painful life experiences.

Joy - Insight 2:  It is scientifically proven, that the subconscious mind is producer and director of the human beings. Therefore, subjective decisions chosen by willpower alone are rare, and can be – as giving up smoking – easily corrupted by the habitual subconscious programs.

Joy - Insight 3:  To gain back mastership of ourselves – Captain of our own ship – we must cooperate with the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is gentle and eager to be a good partner, as long as we are able to eliminate the filter of our conscious criticism..

Joy - Insight 4:  Scientific research has only 1 method to offer. That is the Silent Subliminal Method. Through a new, specifically developed method, the  Affirmations will be transformed into a higher frequency, which cannot be heard by the conscious mind, but completely recognized and absorbed by the subconscious mind. Subjectively you hear nothing, but your subconscious mind understand every word, so that the positive transformation can take place. Negative pattern will be removed and new positive pattern will be installed. Click here to learn more.

All Silent Subliminal Audios are based on Subliminal Technology:

The silent subliminal messages are at an extremely low volume which means the conscious mind cannot comprehend the subliminal messages. Yet through a process known as "compensation", these words can be easily interpreted by the subconscious mind and thus begin the process of inner change.

silent subliminal sequence
A normal human voice sonogram reaches from 70-5,000Hz with peaks up to 10,000Hz

Here you can see graphically how it looks like, when the voice is transformed into a higher frequency. The picture shows a modulated signal of 14,500 Hz.

All personalized Affirmations can be perceived over backgrounds of relaxing music with the magic 60 BPM formula. Listen as often as you can during the day and enjoy a positive transformation in your personal life, working place and environment. Live a joyfull live.  This positive effect of this self-talk program is guaranteed.

Easy to Use and Effective:

check Nothing to memorize.
check Requires no focused attention.
check Headphones required.
check You hear every word.
check Only 30 minutes/day while relaxing and during normal activity

Success Program which include:

check Professionally produced audio self talk scripts, carefully crafted using proven techniques of positive suggestion and accelerated learning.
check Complete program text transcripts
check Instructions for use

You see, with this powerful cutting edge audio technology, never again will you be run by your negative subconscious conditioning,

 Now I know you're probably wondering..."Well what's so different about your product that I should buy it?"

This producct does not ony overlap the destructive pattern, but release them first and then replace them with core success conditioning thru Silent Subliminal Technology.

"After So Many Subliminal Programs Promise So Much Yet Deliver So Little Because They Can't Get Past Your Subconscious Mind's Security System, I Know You'll Be Happily Relieved to Have Silent Subliminals!"

And it gets much better.... 


With the ALL New Silent Subliminal Solution Package You’ll receive...


The Audio containing Binaurial Beat and Silent Subliminal messages which programs your 'BEING' into Joy and Happiness. You will not hear anything, but your mind will be in a state of deep meditation and optimal state to absorb the messsages. Imagine the boost on your subconscious conditioning.  


The written affirmations which you subconscious will absorb thru the CDs are sent to your mail address.


Also included is an Affirmation Optimization tool which enables you to embody the energy of the affirmation, you will absorb through the Audio , instantaneously, at deep levels of being, enhancing your ability to achieve your goals and realize more of your full potential  It does this by reprogramming your subconscious mind to work for you to fuel your success rather than energizing self sabotage, dissolving the back-wash of opposing thoughts, hidden agendas and unmet needs that often underlie affirmations, cleansing the subconscious mind of all memories, programs and patterns that do not support the affirmation, releasing emotional and mental body patterns and programs that support the denial of the affirmation, and infusing your body, heart, mind and soul with divine ideal traits that will support deep integration of the truth of the affirmation. 
A proven, stunning 2000 % more effectiveness over common Subliminal Products!!!!


check Continues motivation to be the best you can be.


The ebook 'I Create Reality By Myself' via direct download. A practical approach to live a joyful life.


Continious support via Email


The Guarantee that you get the BEST and MOST effective tools to transform your personality from Fear to Joy in the shortest time possible. A 24 hour, 7 days a week Magnet For Happiness!!!

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Tom OM


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