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"Gain Now Control Of The Most Powerful Weapon In The Healing Power of Yours... 

Your Mind."




Do you want to know the secret? The Secret is that the people who are healthy and happy, have lives that are just as challenging as people who mostly feel miserable, sick, angry and have all kinds of pain. The secret is that the most healthiest people simply direct their life in a more positive way than everyone else.

The Proven Tool you need to transform your life into Vibrant Health is waiting for you. It will help you...

  • easily and without efforts get into a positive state of mind ..
  • helps to boost your immune system and inner well being..
  • reduce stress, pain, tension and worry and invites more feeling of being healthy into your life...
  • as a basic platform to dissolve the fear blocks of having a disease and removes resistance that hold you back from getting healed...
  • to create new ways of experiencing life and yourself in a new positive angle...

Read on to discover more...

This is THE Product to Transform
Sickness into Health


From: Tom OM

Dear Health and Truth Searcher,

As we all know, the field of healing research and latest development in the mind-body medicine field are way beyond the public is aware of.


Because there is tremendous scientific evidence for decades that the mind holds tremendous power over bodily functions and healing, but most of traditional health methods are still based on physical remedies, which from the mind-matter link merely cover the symptoms.

Now you get the whole remedy to all health problems...

Finally Healed is an incredibly effective tool to start the power of your mind working to heal your body. If you’ve got aches and any kind of pain that won’t go away, joints, nervous system problems, circulation problems, infections, immune system deficiencies, inflammation, viruses, even many kinds of cancers, Finally Healed was designed to get your beliefs realigned and your cells in happy vibration, so that you can truly experience some health miracles… in your own life, not just in some stories you read about concerning the remarkable healings of other people.

Reg Parker of Santa Ana, CA is a stomach cancer survivor who went through many chemotherapies, which have left traumatic experiences. Reg: "Over the last couple of months, I've been experiencing some dramatic positive changes, and I have to thank you for it...

Reg Parker, USA

The Mind And Body Are One

Over the last twenty years there have been fascinating with stories about miraculous healings. It always seemed amazing that someone could be diagnosed with a terminal cancer and within weeks be completely free of it without any kind of treatment. The only word I can use to describe the mind’s power is AWESOME. There are many books about miraculous healings. Even more are published about how you can keep yourself healthy before you get sick with diet, supplements and exercise. But this Finally Healed Project could be the first program of it’s kind to take over the visualization and imagination process to naturally get your body to attack what’s attacking you. Medical journals across the globe are literally stuffed with cases of patients who used visualization and imagination to boost immune response, repair broken bones incredibly quickly, cure cancers and heal third and even fourth degree burns so fast that it baffled the medical professionals. These are often explained away with, “Sometimes this happens.”Yes, it happens. And it’s left tons of clues as to why and how. The Finally Healed Audios were created by studying the kinds of beliefs that people who’ve experienced these results live with. Research analysed their mental activities and broke down their mental pictures and affirmations. Also their physical and dietary habits upon being diagnosed with their illness or after their accident was examined. So the scientific data and results are the basic imput for this program.

Barbara Height , Melbourne, had terrible arthritis so painful in her knee that she couldn't walk without severely limping for three full years. She was also on painreliever for at least two years. When she stopped the medication, she felt more horrible than ever before. She was helpless and her family doomed to accepting tension all around. After applying this program the pain in the joint went away in one week and a half, and she's now completely off all medications. "I felt like I was 100 years old. I looked like it. I acted like it... All the inflammation, all the pain was just went away, just like that. It was really a miracle!"

Barbara Height, Australia

Why Does It Work?

You have to view a healing process as getting up to walk to the bedroom. First you set the intend to go. Then you visualize or imagine your destination walking to the bedroom. As a result or action, your skeleton, muscles and nerves work in unison to move you to the bedrrom. Because know how to walk you just set the intend where to move, the location is already visualized and so, it happens… just like you knew it would.

In cases where the part of the body that needed to be healed couldn’t be visualized due to lack of knowledge of what it looked like, people have reported that they just used their imagination. And it worked… just like the people imagined it.

As a result , when symptoms of illness start to diminish and visual proof of healing is obvious, this fuels even greater belief in the process and the healing often really picks up the pace as the visualizing and the imagining continues.

How Can I be Healed Now? Any Help?

Finally Healed is a extremely effective program to help you effortlessly model the way people think who have experienced extraordinarily fast, even miraculous healing.

This Audio program, Finally Healed re-patterns your thoughts and core beliefs about yourself and what you believe is possible for your mind and body to do.

Using the core Silent Subliminal techniques developed and refined by Dr.Lowery, you will rapidly and effortlessly be infused on how to use your mind like those people who’ve been healed in extraordinary fashion. Simply by playing the program wherever you are and whatever you are doing, even when you’re sleeping, you will get a feeling of knowing that your body is putting forth a superhuman effort to heal itself.

It will happen very quickly...

Of course, we’re not claiming to be able to cure every disease known to human kind, but it is my strong conviction that within a few days of listening to the Finally Healed Program at most a week, you’ll be witnessing some pretty incredible changes in your body. It is practically impossible for you not to have a fairly immediate and measurable response in your body’s ability to move you in the direction of better overall health.

I personally have suffered from a chronically painful shoulder tendon from weightlifting for about the last 3 years. Physical therapy didn’t help at all. The only option I was given to correct it was surgery.

But after listening to the Finally Healed Subliminal Audio for six nights in a row, upon waking up on the seventh morning, I got up and walked across the floor and rotating my shoulders pain-free without first having to slowly warm up the joints… for the first time in 3 years. I’ve been pain-free lifting since. And the best of all - since it is a subliminal program I had no sleeping disturbances of hearing any noises during the night. My mind got just programmed for healing.

Beliefs That Prevent Healing Are Now Identified

Finally Healed is modeled after research and scientific data, including reviews from many people diagnosed with a variety of major illnesses and findings from the world’s top holistic practitioners. As a result, over 600 unsupportive beliefs, attitudes, unconscious mental patterns were uncovered, that likely could have lead to and perpetuate illness.

Just a few of these problematic thoughts, situations & mental patterns include:

check Mentally dependant on medication
check Poor diet/ overeater
check Non-exerciser
check Illness provides some benefit otherwise not attained
check Giving up; total lack of belief that they’ll get better
check Embarrassment over health or physical body
check Worry and excessive anxiety
check Retained bitterness, anger & resentment; unforgiving of self and/or others
check Medication side-effects
check Hereditary predispositions
check Low self-esteem

Body systems and ailments that are addressed in the Finally Healed Audio Program include:

check Nervous system
check Upper and lower respiratory system
check Heart and the entire circulatory system
check Bones and joints
check Energy systems
check Reproductive system
check Digestive system
check Blood
check Eyes and ears
check Immune system
check Skin
check Muscles and connective tissues
check Spinal column
check Viruses, infections and diseases
check Allergens
check Inflamation

All self-instructions used in the Finally Healed Subliminal Program are designed to re-pattern what you believe is possible for you and your life. They address all the areas listed above.

The most important effect of the Finally Healed Subliminal Program is to eliminate the mental and physical causes for illness, and to strip you of your disbelief in your ability to heal quickly and completely, regardless of whether your malady is from disease, degeneration, infection, virus or injury. It really doesn't matter.

Are You Ready to get rid of what’s keeping you from accessing all your healing power?

Note: As you can see, this is not some ridiculous subliminal audio program quickly assembled with words "hidden" underneath some music or ocean waves, making it impossible to determine whether there are any words at all under the music/waves. Every statement can be perceived by your subconscious.. So you know exactly that the messages are going to your mind. Read the scientific proof here! We also included a Affirmation Enhancer Tool which will not only strengthen the effect of the messages, but rather enables you to embody the energy of the affirmation instantaneously, at deep levels of being, enhancing your ability to achieve your goals and realize more of your full potential It does this by reprogramming your subconscious mind to work for you to fuel your success rather than energizing self sabotage, dissolving the back-wash of opposing thoughts, hidden agendas and unmet needs that often underlie affirmations, cleansing the subconscious mind of all memories, programs and patterns that do not support the affirmation, releasing emotional and mental body patterns and programs that support the denial of the affirmation, and infusing your body, heart, mind and soul with divine ideal traits that will support deep integration of the truth of the affirmation. This and other vital Magnets for Success Tools are included in the Silent Subliminal Package you will receive.

What You'll Get With This Program

CD 1 — Part 1: Dissolving The Blocks To Healing

See Part 1 is the 'Anti Virus Program'. It goes to work and eliminates all the limiting beliefs, fears, self-talk and habits that could contribute ill health or slow recovery.

No matter how your illness or injury came about, Part 1 of Finally Healed systematically dissolves and helps you release any and all unnecessary doubt about your return to excellent health. It’s not pie in the sky. It’s a way to get you to use the power that you do have within you… even if you currently don’t even believe in those extraordinary powers. You will be literally reprogrammed to let go of all reasons for illness and depressed healing response and replace them with genuine optimism and faith that you will be healed.

That may not even sound possible to you right now but at very least, the Finally Healed Program will make you feel a whole lot better than you do … just by listening to it.

CD 1 starts with very relaxing and hypnotic 60 beat per minute music while the Silent Subliminal Messages are in the background – only your subconscious mind can perceive the messages and affirmations. Then throughout the entire side, with the Affirmation Enhancer Tool and the music still playing, your mind will be instructed in the first-person present-tense to let go, transcend and dissolve every possible mental barrier or block to rapid healing.

You can be sure, that all your past programming; the anxieties and the limiting beliefs about your ability (and especially your worthiness) to have excellent health are systematically erased. You’ll be able to transcend your self-imposed limitations so quickly and easily, it may not seem real… even as it’s happening.


CD 1 – Part 2: Trusting & Using Your Unlimited Healing Power

Part 2 fills the vacuum that Part 1 created. Where Part 1 helped you to transcend the causes of slow or reduced healing powers, Part 2 will lay a new coat of paint on that freshly prepared surface. Also induced in the Silent Subliminal format, new affirming beliefs and positive self-instructions will flush your mind. These empowering statements will direct you to act upon the belief that:

· You have superhuman healing powers · You can transcend all hereditary predispositions to specific ailments · You deserve excellent health; it’s a natural state for you · All systems of your body work exactly as they should · You have the power to maintain good health · Your digestion is perfect · Your bones are strong and resilient · All your limbs have complete and pain-free range of motion · Your body responds perfectly to medication without side-effects

…and so much more.

How to get the best results with The Finally Healed Program?

The secret is this…

Use the program. If there is anything that you’ll ever commit to in your life, make it listening to this program. Listen to it any time you have a few minutes.

Play it wherever you are...

Then, an even more powerful way to eliminate your self-imposed limitations and install your new beliefs about your ability to heal rapidly and completely is to pop in the program and hit “Play” just before you fall asleep at night. Use your auto-reverse MP3 player, a continuous play CD player, or even your Computer, if it's in your bedroom. Just set it to play all night.
This is beneficial because when you sleep, much of your time is spent in the “Theta” brainwave state. At this state, your brain vibrates at a slower 4-7 cycles per second… perfect for re-patterning your unconscious thought processes. And the Silent Subliminal Recordings won't disturb you or your partner. Wow!

You’ll wake every morning with new, more empowered feelings about yourself and your life!

But keep playing the program every night. Make sure you listen to the program in a deeply relaxed or sleeping state for at least 10 straight days and/or nights and preferably for 60 days and beyond.

Finally Healed - Insight 1: Human beings function similar as computers. By birth,  the programs of your previous life, the inheritance linage and astrological constellations will be installed over the DNA sequence on your internal brain hard disc or the subconscious mind  . Childhood experiences will add to the constellation of your Ego-personality including all the garbage programs, which lead to unwanted behavior and painful life experiences.

Finally Healed - Insight 2:  It is scientifically proven, that the subconscious mind is producer and director of the human beings. Therefore, subjective decisions chosen by willpower alone are rare, and can be – as giving up smoking – easily corrupted by the habitual subconscious programs.

Finally Healed - Insight 3:  To gain back mastership of ourselves – Captain of our own ship – we must cooperate with the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is gentle and eager to be a good partner, as long as we are able to eliminate the filter of our conscious criticism..

Finally Healed - Insight 4:  Scientific research has only 1 method to offer. That is the Silent Subliminal Method. Through a new, specifically developed method, the  Affirmations will be transformed into a higher frequency, which cannot be heard by the conscious mind, but completely recognized and absorbed by the subconscious mind. Subjectively you hear nothing, but your subconscious mind understand every word, so that the positive transformation can take place. Negative pattern will be removed and new positive pattern will be installed. Click here to learn more.

All Silent Subliminal Audios are b
ased on Subliminal Technology:

The silent subliminal messages are at an extremely low volume which means the conscious mind cannot comprehend the subliminal messages. Yet through a process known as "compensation", these words can be easily interpreted by the subconscious mind and thus begin the process of inner change.

silent subliminal sequence
A normal human voice sonogram reaches from 70-5,000Hz with peaks up to 10,000Hz

Here you can see graphically how it looks like, when the voice is transformed into a higher frequency. The picture shows a modulated signal of 14,500 Hz.

All personalized Affirmations can be perceived over backgrounds of relaxing music with the magic 60 BPM formula. Listen as often as you can during the day and enjoy a positive transformation in your personal life, working place and environment. Live a healthy live.  This positive effect of this self-talk program is guaranteed. Approximately 40 minutes. Free Shipping. Delivery within 14 days worldwide.

Easy to Use and Effective:

  • Nothing to memorize.
  • Requires no focused attention.
  • Headphones not required.
  • You hear every word.
  • Only 30 minutes/day while relaxing and during normal activity

Success Program which include:

  • Professionally produced audio self talk scripts, carefully crafted using proven techniques of positive suggestion and accelerated learning.
  • Complete program text transcripts
  • Instructions for use

You see, with this powerful cutting edge audio technology, never again will you be run by your negative subconscious conditioning,

 Now I know you're probably wondering..."Well what's so different about your product that I should buy it?"

This producct does not ony overlap the destructive pattern, but release them first and then replace them with core success conditioning thru Silent Subliminal Technology.

"After So Many Subliminal Programs Promise So Much Yet Deliver So Little Because They Can't Get Past Your Subconscious Mind's Security System, I Know You'll Be Happily Relieved to Have Silent Subliminals!"

And it gets much better.... 

With the ALL New Silent Subliminal Solution Package You’ll receive...


One CD with Silent Subliminals of your choice combined with relaxing music. Listen to them while driving car, relaxing or whatsoever you are doing.


Another CD with the same Silent Subliminal Program of your choice without music. You will not hear anything, but your mind and subconscious will. You can play them 24/7 anywhere. Imagine the boost on your subconscious conditioning.  


The written affirmations which you subconscious will absorb thru the CDs are sent to your mail address.


Also included is an Affirmation Optimization tool which enables you to embody the energy of the affirmation, you will absorb thru the 2 Audio CDs, instantaneously, at deep levels of being, enhancing your ability to achieve your goals and realize more of your full potential  It does this by reprogramming your subconscious mind to work for you to fuel your success rather than energizing self sabotage, dissolving the back-wash of opposing thoughts, hidden agendas and unmet needs that often underlie affirmations, cleansing the subconscious mind of all memories, programs and patterns that do not support the affirmation, releasing emotional and mental body patterns and programs that support the denial of the affirmation, and infusing your body, heart, mind and soul with divine ideal traits that will support deep integration of the truth of the affirmation. 
A proven, stunning 2000 % more effectiveness over common Subliminal Products!!!!

check Continues motivation to be the best you can be.


A magic tool for your computerscreen. Click here to learn more. You will get the messages and affirmations you receive already on the CDs, also as Subliminal Screen messages, which will be additionally flashed on your computer screen. It’s included as a BONUS in this package. Now you have a Powerhouse to create and manifest what you want thru the LAW OF ATTRACTION


Continious support via Email


The Guarantee that you get the BEST and MOST effective tools to transform your personality from Fear to Joy in the shortest time possible. A 24 hour, 7 days a week Magnet For !!!

Here's how to order right now!  I'm not going to ask for an big investment for this programs.  I want you to enjoy the benefits of the Freedom Lifestyle so I'm not even asking for hundreds.

For an investment of only $49 it's Yours if you order right now!

Click below to instantly order the Sickness to Health Transformation Package. When you purchase you will be taken to a special Thank You page where you will download the Finally Healed Subliminal Screentool and can also sign in for the FREE Body, Soul & Spirit Healing Membership program.  You will pay with PayPal . You are completely safe in ordering now.

We will ship you the Audio Finally Healed as a CD via International Postal Service free within 10-14 days worldwide.

It doesn't matter if it's the middle of the night! 
You will be listening and experience the HEALTH and Freedom Lifestyle you deserve!   Can you imagine what it will be like to generate a painfree life and reach complete freedom of mind ?


To your new HEALTH and Freedom Lifestyle,

Tom OM


P.S. - The Finally Healed Lifestyle Package, with all the tutorials and bonuses, is priced at $90.  I'm offering it here for an investment of only $49, but I don't know for how long.

P.P.S. -- Make the decision: If you don't purchase this Healing Package, where will you be weeks from now?  Probably right where you are now. Positive change comes from new ideas.  Get the confidence, knowledge, and mental skills and HEALTH you want through the mind changes and specifics provided in this program. 

Act now! Buy now! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Be bold today, just click on the button below.



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