Healing Service Summary:

Health is not everything, but everything is nothing without health.

Basically all diseases are curable.

The way if and how you or others can be cured in this time frame is determined thru:

- The personal karma
- Emotional balance
- Thought pattern – the way to allow or prevent negative thoughts
- Vibrations or energy field in the sleeping room realize that almost half of our life we sleep
- Diet and exercise
- The will to get healthy

…..And here we go:

To take part in the remote healing service please click the PayPal button and fill out all necessary data either for you, a patient, an animal or a place.

After I receive your mail notification we will agree on a date and time where you will receive the Spiritual Healing Power Package as part of the Healing Service. To prepare and receive this Healing Service attunements effectively please click here.  To assist the healing process, I recommend, that you follow other important guidelines such as diet, exercise, meditation, deep relaxation etc.

Note: If you request this healing service for another person, please ask for his/her permission first.

And for animal healing service - please provide me what kind of animal, the name and age.

NOTE: If you under medical treatment never stop your health care professional or doctors work since my treatments are complementary and work in a different energetic frame. There is no disturbance with the treatments.


How does the Healing work?

The methods or healing tools I apply are different to the common   ’prayer and light sending techniques’. It’s a unique developed and proven method internationally applied for over 10 years - known as Spiritual Healing Power HOLOGRAMS – since SPIRITUAL HEALING is a HOLISTIC PROCESS.

The Healing procedure:

The aura of all your energy bodies will be cleaned, cleared, attuned and healed by different HEALING MODALITIES.

You will be granted different healing and clearing attunements of ‘Higher Beings’ who are ascended masters (click here to know what ascended masters are), archangels (click here) and others.

Spiritual Healing Transmission


First station is the violet temple under Archangel Zadkiel and Master Saint Germain where your energy fields will be cleared  through the violet flame. You aura will be also cleared from negative words, thoughts, emotions and actions, created by you now and in the past.

saint germain

Second station is the ray of peace under Archangel Uriel and Master Nada. Peace and love will fill your heart. Forgive and you are forgiven. The main color ray of this Spiritual Healing Power is ruby-gold.


These first 2 steps are important to assimilate the healing power effectively.

After that initial process I get in touch with spiritual healing authorities and refer the particular problem you encounter to them.

Spiritual Healing

After that, my Higher Self will connect to your Higher Self and Soul and transmit the Spiritual Healing Power Package to YOU.

spiritual healing 2

Angels, spiritual doctors or whosever is needed will lovingly assist this process.

Note: Please prepare your Healing attunement at the time frame we arranged beforehand via e-mail confirmation. Click here to follow the Healing Attunement Preparation.

Time frame: Healing Transmission should be renewed after one month, since the your energetic field changes rapidly.

Cost: Donation based. I ask for a donation because I consider the Law of compensation as important. Give and you shall receive. It doesn't matter how much you give. Connect to your heart and ask. Click here and plant your healing seed. Do it NOW.

Spiritual Distant Healing Transmission

Click the Paypal button, donate and don't forget to enter the exact medical diagnose.

Cut your healing time dramatically and receive your Spiritual Healing CDs Transformation Package. Click here to learn more



The advanced Distant Healing Service includes the first but beforehand I will clean the etheric body and the chakras - which are the entrance doors of all energies - to ensure full assimilation of the healing energies.

What is the difference: You can compare it with a general doctor (Remote Healing) and a specialist. (Advanced Remote Healing ).

Through advanced Healing techniques I am able to remove 'negative energies' (so called elementals – click here to learn more) which can block chakras, leave you feel drained or can cause many problems like depression and other psychological effects.

The Healing procedure:

  • STEP 1: I diagnose and analyse the origin of the symptoms you are suffering from to find out the 'energetic holes' and unbalanced chakras in your bodies. What are CHAKRAS and what function do they have? - (click here)

  • STEP 2: Now I clean the 'dirty energy' and chakras. After that these centers will be energized with different specific Plasma balls pulled down from the Zero point field (click here) and energized with PRANIC COLORS, MENTAL PATTERN, SYMBOLS and whatever is individually needed.  These Energy balls will be directed in your chakra system to balance your problems.
  • STEP 3: The unbalanced organs (lever, lungs etc.) will be cleaned and energized as well.
  • STEP 4: Through the ` Healing Intentions' ‘HIGHER BEINGS’ will distribute their healing power to the location mostly needed. (Anyway they have their own intelligence and superior knowledge about your problem - so you can be assured of optimal healing supply.) The method is applied twice a week.
  • STEP 5: Your 'aura - including physical, emotional and mental body- will be sealed so that the healing energy can do its work.

  • STEP 6:  This Healing Package will be transferred From My Higher Self to your Soul.

  • STEP 7: Please prepare your Healing attunement at our time frame we arranged beforehand via e-mail confirmation. Click here  to follow the Healing Attunement Preparation.

All healing that occurs in any session comes from your soul and Spirit. I merely guide this process as in Remote Healing - and as here in Advanced Remote Healing prepare this process and set a space for the healing to occur. By ordering an energy healing session for yourself or others, you are giving me permission to work with the soul. Each time ‘Higher Beings’ transmit energies to the soul, many healing frequencies are transmitted in addition to the ones that you request or whatever symptoms you or others might have. It is up to the soul to choose which energies it wishes to implement at any given moment.

Spiritual Healing 2

Attention: Listen to your inner voice and monitor your dreams carefully. Watch out what is happening in your environment right now in your spiritual healing process. There will be signs why you are in the situation you are in – meaning what is wrong or has to be changed in your life. Also pets, cars and computers reflect hidden agendas. Your ‘Higher Self’ wants to talk to you.

Costs: $49 USD per month

Check here if this Healing Service is for your Highest Good.

Advanced Distant Healing Attunement
Please enter the exact medical diagnose in the right text box:


Beside these Distant Healing services, that will work for all kind of diseases, you can choose other selective treatments such as:

Energetic clearing and healing of areas, homes, land and workspaces $29 USD
Please enter the exact address in the right text box:

Past life clearing and healing $49 USD
Please enter your full name in the right text box:

Chakra Balancing $29 USD
Please enter your full name in the right text box:

Healing of animals and pets $40 USD
Please enter the name of the pet in the right text box:


You can pay conveniently and secure over PAYPAL.

If you have any questions please contact me.