The elements – earth, air, water, fire – their initiation, type and the fifth element akasha.


Earth, Air, Fire, and Water are the four building elements of nature. Not only the nature of the physical universe, but they are also the nature of all the universes of existence – Material, Psychical, and Noetical. They are: Earth, Air, Water and Fire have been well known for a long time. What about the so-called Fifth type? . Today the definition of this fifth is ether, the purest substance. . Ether is the mould in which the other four are made and sustained.(AKASHA)

The material universe is simply the lowest vibration, the lowest level of manifestation of these types. The Earth type is dominant in the physical universe. The Water type dominant in the psychical universes. Type is The Fire dominant in the noetical universes. However, the fire element in the noetical universes is not like the flames of fire found on earth. Noetical fire is a vibration that causes ignition. The Air type is dominant in the surrounding Etheric Double of the planet. Yet despite the dominance of each one of the four elements in each of these worlds, all elements are present and active in each world in lesser degrees. So we have four elements ruling each of the four worlds. Specific orders of the Archangels use these same elements Super-Consciously in their work in creating all the material, psychical and noetical universes as well as our material, psychical and noetical bodies, which correspond with these universes. For example, Michael is using the fire element, which also gives us physical light and heat. Michael is more active in the noetical worlds. Gabriel is archangel of the liquids using the Water Element in his creationism. Gabriel is most active in the psychical worlds. The human beings can and do use these elements… though we use them mostly subconsciously. After long training, a researcher of the path of truth who has brought these elements under his conscious control gains psycho-noetical powers… he or she becomes the master of their bodies and these universes.

Anyone who begins his approach to Self-Realization soon finds that he must undergo many trials and tribulations, which are preparatory for the scheduled initiations of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. There is no ridged order when we take these initiations and a seeker can face more than one of these in any given lifetime. Each one of these initiations brings with it a much-needed experience vital to the purification of the seeker’s personality and thus a prerequisite to Self-Realization. These elements are also associated with our human nature. For example the Water Element is associated with our emotions. The Water Initiation cleans and calms our emotional “waters” enabling the seeker to reflect something of the Divine while in the mundane worlds of existence.

The Earth Initiation is fierce. It is so difficult, that it is typical faced last. The Earth Initiation is perfectly portrayed in the Passion of Christ and the crucifixion. Not that the seeker facing this initiation must sacrifice his or her physical life. But when their trials and tribulations are particularly intense, the seeker’s personality does go through its own internal crucifixion and death. This bitter experience is an important and required course in the schoolhouse of life.

One aspect of the Earth initiation requires the candidate for initiation to be betrayed (usually by a person close to them). Like Christ, we must also experience a betrayal by a Judas in our life. And just like Christ, we must forgive in a deep an authentic way. Even in successfully passing the test of the external betrayal, there is still more serious betrayals to be faced. To fully pass this Earth Initiation the seeker must overcome the betrayal of the most deceptive and powerful Judas of them all – the seekers’ own egoism! The pure and perfect Christ-Light is within us – it is the light of every human being’s Self-Awareness – it is our own Divine Nature. And each and every day the Judas of our own egoism betrays our own Christ nature.

False accusations, injustice and harsh condemnation accompany the Earth Initiation. It is not that the seeker experiences all this in every incarnation, but sooner or later we all will experience it and be called upon to give proper response. When we are betrayed, persecuted and treated cruelly, our egoism wants to rise up in righteous indignation, aggressively demand justice and retaliate at our perceived tormentor.

But, it is really the negative egoism that need to be crucified. To be successful in the Earth Initiation, the seeker must surrender and transcend all these trials, repay these bitter experiences with real Love and pray: “Father forgive them; for they know not what they do.”


There is an old story attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci that has become an urban legend of sorts. The story has many variations but included below is what appears to be the original as reported by B.T. Spalding in the early 1900s. The story begins with Mr. Spalding interviewing an elderly Cardinal in the Vatican discussing Mr. Spalding’s interest in Christ and Leonardo Da Vinci’s portrayal of him. The Cardinal suggested that Mr. Spalding go to the Louvre museum in Paris. With the cardinal’s authorization, a certain curator of the Da Vinci works at the museum shows Mr. Spalding Leonardo’s unpublished letters.

Mr. Spalding found an account in these letters about Da Vinci’s portraits of both Christ and Judas. Mr. Spalding states that in these unpublished letters, Leonardo found a young man recently engaged to be married with a beautiful light in his eyes. To Leonardo this man had the look of Christ so he used him as the model for his painting of Christ.

Two years latter, Leonardo went to look for a model that was despicable enough to portray Judas, the world’s most famous betrayer.

He searched and searched and one day in the Apache quarter of Paris, he found a disheveled fellow in rags who Leonardo felt had the perfect look of a betrayer.

Leonardo walked up to the poor man and explained he was a painter and had painted Christ, the savior, and he was now looking for a man who would pose for a portrait of Judas, the betrayer. The derelict man looked up at Leonardo and said: Sir I was the man who posed for the Christ portrait for you. He was the same man and Leonardo when on in his letters to say that if the man had not betrayed the Christ in himself, he never would have ended up in this deplorable condition.

This account as it is circulated today varies on the dates, the locations, and the conditions associated with this story and some contest the story. But the point is clear; there is a Judas principle in every man or woman that betrays the Christ within.