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CHRISTLIGHT REIKI is a Modality brought in by Christ’s Light&Love for YOU and is downloaded direct from the office of Christ. It is created in the interplane by the CREATOR and will be transmitted by your Higher Self/Soul.

Christlight Reiki

The purpose is to receive the Christ  and Master Reiki energies directly thru the Holy Spirit which will be integrated in your energy field by the 7 Archangels. You will receive 3 attunements which are protected by Mother Mary.

The MASTER attunements implement 3 exercises to clear, stabilize und energize your BEING with LOVE&LIGHT which are essential for the Healing and Self. Healing Process. 

First attunement: CHRISTLOVE brought in by Master Paul the Venetian 


Paul the Venetian


Second Attunement: CHRISTPURIFICATION brought in by Master Saint Germain


Master Saint Germain


Third Attunement: CHRISTLIGHT brought in by Master Jesus the Christ  


Jesus Christ


The attunements are composed of Love, Clearing of your Past,  ENLIGHTMENT & ASCENSION.

After you have received each attunement you’ve to practice related exercise for the next 10 days. You will receive the specific content of the exercises as a Handbook, together with an Integration CD, which will be mailed to your address via international postal service within 14 days worldwide.

After 1 month of Preparation you are ready to practice Self Healing for 30 days. 

After 2 month you are a powerful CHRISTLIGHT REIKI HEALER.

You will also receive the instructions on how to heal hands on or over distance. You can also help to clear karma and raise the vibration of the DNA.

As Jesus said: Have faith – and you can do even greater things than I did.

Click here to get a FREE manual on how to use the Christlight Reiki Energies.

With this package you will receive:

  • Christlight Reiki attunements (You will receive 3 attunements)
  • Christlight Reiki Certificate (via international postal service)
  • Christlight Reiki Manual with attunement process (how to pass it to others)
  • Support from me via email

    You will get these initiation for only $ 99 USD


    After you have paid over the secure server of PayPal we will agree on a date and time for YOU to receive the attunements and the manual.

    For any questions please contact me.


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