The ASCENDED MASTERS are a spiritual organization which consist of the highest initiates of our cosmic system. Only one who has mastered and is able to practice the first  three leaves of the Book of Wisdom has access to the  Brothers of Light. Since the beginning of human  spiritual evolution, those who have achieved the  highest state of magical perfection and have not yet  consciously dissolved their individuality are to be  found in the Brothers of Light.

Ascended Masters assume responsibility for the well-being and development of humankind.Though the task of the Brotherhood of Light is maintaining that development, that may not always require physical incarnation.

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The Ascended Masters, Brother of Light, are structured in accordance with a hierarchy which corresponds to the initiated members' degree of perfection. Their superior is the so-called Prime Initiator who has a rank equal to a Mahatma, the Deputy of Divine Order and the Custodian of All Secrets.

In the hierarchy he is called Urgaya, the Wise Man of the Mountain or the Old Master. He has been the Prime Initiator since the beginning of the world, but rarely manifests himself. He customarily takes on a form only for very short periods of time when he chooses to stand by and give advice to a Brother of Light regarding his task.

In the hierarchy, the Old Master has twelve subordinate adepts who have reached the highest spiritual perfection. These adepts take over the most difficult tasks, but they too are very seldom incarnate; therefore they usually do their work through the zone which girdles the earth. Some of these adepts are only incarnated once in a hundred or a thousand years.

Urgaya and the twelve adepts form the Council of Elders and meet regularly or have special meetings to make important decisions concerning the fate of the peoples of the earth.

The twelve adepts have seventy-two wise men, or enlightened people under them, who again have 360 masters. The seventy-two wise men and the 360 masters are also summoned to a general assembly. In the case of special meetings, Urgaya sends for particular initiates.

The general assembly always met in a magical room, created especially for that purpose in the zone girdling the earth. Urgaya always created this magical room personally, protecting it and making it visible only to the Brothers of Light, Brother Light, so that he would not be perceived, either spiritually or astrally, by alien beings.

The seat of the Brotherhood of Light is not visible to the human eyes; its seat is therefore on a subtle plane invisible to us.

Ascended Masters

The Ascended Masters who guide and help with the expansion of Light on this planet are God-Free Beings, not bound by time and space.  Having come into embodiment, as you and I through the portals of birth, They walked the earth fulfilling the inner calling of Their God Presence day by day, lifetime after lifetime. They mastered all the lesser things of this world, learning the lessons of Life, balancing karma, fulfilling Their earthly mission and manifesting and becoming God in action.  At the completion of Their mission They achieved the ultimate Victory through the Ascension, the permanent integration with the Light of Their own true reality, Their Mighty I AM Presence. They continue to stand ready to assist the mankind of earth to accomplishing this same Goal and will continue to extend the Fires of Their Hearts till all are received into the Brotherhood of Light.

Jesus Set The Example

Jesus came forth to reveal the Conscious Dominion and Mastery that is possible for every human being to attain and express, while still here on earth. He showed the Dominion of the Ascended Masters, and proved to mankind that it is possible for each person to so call forth his God Self that each one can consciously control all things human.

The Ascended Masters Are Real Beings

The Host of Ascended Masters are tangible Beings of Great Light! They are real, visible, glorious, living and caring friends of old who have such Love, Wisdom and Power that the human mind gasps at its immensity. They work everywhere in the universe with complete Freedom and limitless Power, to do naturally all that the average individual would consider supernatural.  

They Have Transcended All Human Limitation

An Ascended Master is an individual who by Self Conscious effort has generated enough Love and Power within himself to snap the chains of all human limitation, and so stands free and worthy to be entrusted with the use of forces beyond those of human experience. He realizes himself to be the Oneness of Omnipresent God - “Life.” Hence, all forces and things obey his command because he is a Self-Conscious Being of free will, controlling all by the manipulation of the Light within Himself.

"Mastery" and "Ascension"

These Glorious Beings, who guard and help the evolving human race, are called the Ascended Masters of Love, Light, and Perfection. They are all the word Master implies because by bringing forth the Love, Wisdom and Power of the God Self within, They manifest Their Mastery over all that is human. Hence, They have "Ascended" into the next expression above the human - which is Superhuman Divinity, Pure, Eternal, All-Powerful Perfection.

Each Ascended Being Is The Complete Embodiment of Love

It is through the radiation or outpouring of his own Pure and Luminous Essence of Divine Love that an Ascended Master is able to help those who come under his care and direction. This Luminous Essence has within It the Highest Force in the Universe, for it dissolves all discord and establishes Perfect Balance in all manifestations. The Ascended Master's Body is constantly pouring out Rays of His Light Essence upon the discords of earth, dissolving them like the rays of force which we call light and heat from our Physical sun dissolves a fog. The Radiation which They pour out to humanity on earth is consciously drawn energy to which They give quality, and again send it out to accomplish a definite result. In this way, They give protection thousands and thousands of times to persons, places, conditions, and things of which mankind are totally oblivious.

Each Master Is One With The Mind of God

The Ascended Master has the All-Knowing Mind and the All-Seeing Eye of God. From Him nothing can be hidden. Each Master knows and sees all concerning the student, for He reads clearly the record which the student has made. This reveals the state of the disciple's development - his strengths as well as his weaknesses.

Each Master Is An Individual Focus of the Forces of Nature

They are the wielders of such Power and manipulators of such concentrated force as to stagger the imagination of the person in the outer world. The Ascended Masters are really Great Batteries of tremendous Power and Energy, and whatever touches Their Radiance becomes highly charged with Their Light Essence through the same activity that makes a needle kept in contact with a magnet take on its qualities, and become a magnet also. All Their help and Radiation is forever a free Gift of Love. For this reason They never use any of Their force to compel.

They Are The Guardians of Humanity

The Ascended Masters are the Guardians of the race of men, and as in the world of physical education, various grades of teachers are provided to guide the development of the individual's growth from childhood to maturity, so do the Ascended Masters of Perfection exist to educate and help the individual that he too may expand his consciousness beyond ordinary, human expression. Thus, he develops his superhuman attributes, until like the student graduating from college, the one under the care and instruction of an Ascended Master graduates out of his humanity into the full, continuous expression of his Divinity.

Communion With The Ascended Masters Brings Bliss

Personal association with one or more Ascended Masters produces an intense feeling of Love and Gratitude that can never be put into words. Following such contact with Their Living Presence, there can be but one overwhelming desire displacing all other desires and that is to BE ALL THAT THEY ARE! Once a student has truly, even for a fraction of a second, experienced the Ecstatic Bliss radiating from an Ascended Being, there is nothing in human experience that one would not endure or sacrifice in order to reach Their Height of Attainment and express the selfsame Dominion and Love.

Since 1880 the Ascended Masters have carefully released to the mankind of earth the understanding of how each individual might cooperate in winning Their final Freedom and attaining the original purposes of incarnation. Precept upon precept, They have built a magnificent, cohesive understanding of True Identity. Further, They have clearly outlined The Path, which has been delineated, but which has yet to be put to the test by men and women who have scarcely ventured into the mildest forms of the Teaching.  

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Ascended Masters