Zadkiel the Archangel

of Invocation and Transformation

Archangel Zadkiel says: The forgiving, purifying power of the Violet Flame is a holy ray of grace from Divine Love. The karma one earthlife alone would often be too much for a person to bear. He would be crushed to death from the load, had not the greatness of Divine Grace provided for this purifying and redeeming ray.

Archangel Zadkiel continues: Even without mankind being aware of it, this stream of grace has flowed through the atmosphere throughout the ages, being guided and watched over by the Divine Messengers, who have devoted themselves to this service of love. One cannot measure with human understanding the amount of energy needed to remove, time and again, at least the greatest of imperfections.

Zadkiel states: Thanks be to the efforts of the Great Hierarchy - BROTHERS OF LIGHT (click here) - for having allowed the knowledge of the powerful Flame of Purification to be given to the unascended for some time.

Zadkiel: The success, seen through the work of humankind justifies the energy spent, and if every human would only redeem his own disharmonious creations, much would be accomplished.