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Solar Sequence 2

“At pivotal times such as these, we offer spiritual dispensations to accelerate the evolution of a species in their quest towards enlightenment if we are so directed to by the Evolutionary LIGHT . It is our supreme mission and purpose to offer you the following Transformation tools that will clear all that is in opposition to your path of enlightenment and ascension process. These gifts will propel you light years ahead in your evolution. ” - The Central Sun Councils of Light



The following transmissions are given to you by the The Central Sun Councils of Light:

        • TRANSFORMATION LEVEL 1 -- Central Channel Clearing (Clears the central channel that runs down the center of the body from around six inches above the crown chakra to six inches below your feet. All of the chakras are connected to the central channel. The Trigger words for daily quick repetition will be included in the manual)
        • TRANSFORMATION LEVEL 2 -- Clearing Blocks to Expressing GOD (Helps clearing out all Negative Energy out of your aura which is not aligned with SOURCE in that moment of time)
        • TRANSFORMATION LEVEL 3 -- Unclutter the Empathy Pain Collector Disk ( Facilitates healing by clearing out this empathy pain collector or disk that is sitting in your energy field to absorb and transmute planetary and human pain and suffering. Also included a Trigger word for daily usage)
        • TRANSFORMATION LEVEL 4 -- Divine Love Wash (Central Sun Councils of Light bath your energetic systems and quantum fields and particles with unconditional love)
        • TRANSFORMATION LEVEL 5 -- Christ Consciousness Codes (This assists you to physically embody the frequencies of Christ Consciousness.  Energetically rewires your four lower bodies (physical, etheric, emotional and mental) so that you can hold and radiate this divine attribute out to others )
        • TRANSFORMATION LEVEL 6 -- Divine Child Codes (This transmission rolls back to conception and sweeps through your life helping you to clear, heal and release old less-than-love programming from your family of origin.  The past is re-scripted to reflect the ideal childhood you would need to obtain mastery at the earliest possible age.  Includes lots of programs to assist with inner child healing and development as well.)
        • TRANSFORMATION LEVEL 7 -- Heart Communication (Helps you to communicate from the heart at all times)
        • TRANSFORMATION LEVEL 8 (SPECIAL GIFT) -- Saint Germain Upgrade ( Aligns your personal power and manifestations with the highest principles of divine truth so whatever you create is aligned with divine will and divine timing. Also upgrades all violet flame systems, like Violet Reiki, Silver Violet Flame Reiki, Karmic Reiki etc. A MUST for all who participate in one of these Reiki Systems. This gives you a VIOLET FLAME POWER Boost. )
        • TRANSFORMATION LEVEL 9 -- Integrates and aligns all transmissions with your BEING with love and grace.

          Note: These mastery sequences are for those who believe in the the EXPANSION of Life through Clearing and Upgrading the energy systems.

          Note: Here is a short instruction on how to receive the Codes:

          Lay down in a comfortable position 5 Minutes before the transmission starts. Set the intend that you will receive the  Codes at the arranged time and focus on your third eye for about 15-20 minutes. Ask your Higher Self  to download and integrate the Codes in your Energy field with ease and grace.

          Before you will receive these energy healing blessings, activate each Code into your BEING.(You will receive a manual and instructions on how to do it)

          Once the download starts, just lay down and relax while anchoring the  transmissions. The images and personal experience of these transmissions differ, since it is up to the Higher Being and your soul to modify them to your needs.

          Every transmission includes a permission from your soul. Give thanks after the transmission is done.

          Purpose for this transmission: The MAIN purpose is to clear all that is in opposition to your path of enlightenment and ascension process.

          Which problem will be solved: Lack of personal power to overcome adversities. Especially the Saint Germain - Violet Flame upgrade is tremendous.


        Note: More detailed information will be given in your email instructions.



        With This Special Solar Code Package You will receive the following:

        • The Activation Audio via Email
        • BEST Activation & Integration Guide
        • 'WATERFALL HEALING REIKI' This Reiki system can help heal the body, mind, and spirit, and also to clear, remove illlness, pain, and can be used to help shrink, remove and reverse various problems. You can use WATERFALL
          Healing Reiki to help heal yourself and others, including animals and plants, etc.$29 Value)
        • N E W - Now you will have the ability to pass these Solar Codes to others including the attunement guide PLUS a Stunning Certificate (Now You Can Carry Your Healing in 2014 to the NEXT Level)

        Many blessings from SAINT GERMAIN >>>>




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