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NEW SIRIUS Master Codes 4


“We assist beings on this planet with clearings, healings and activations of mastery that can propel them into the emerging Golden Age. We welcome you to select all that resonates within your heart.”    The Sirius Master Councils

Note: Sirius has many different healing chamber where an assigned Master is conducting the healing. Each chamber vibrates at a certain "frequency" or at certain creation codes that are  imprinted within your divine blueprint.With each of these activations and codes you have the golden opportunity to pass through each chamber and receive clearing, recalibration and healing. Not only that - with each activation comes a guide and assistance of the Sirius Masters on how to load your daily water with particular energies that support and enhance the healing and ascension process.




These Sirius Master Codes are recommended for all Spiritual Travelers
Who Are Striving Towards ENLIGHTENMENT On Their Soul Journey!!

        • SIRIUS Divine Ideal Conception, Gestation and Birthing (The divine ideal conception, gestation and birthing process will not only insure that you were conceived in love but it will also remove from your consciousness every fear, concern and less-than-love-and-light thought or word that crossed into you from the environment outside the womb.  It all begins in the moment of conception when the energy vibration of the egg and sperm is purified and raised to the highest possible level.  For people who are on mastery paths in this incarnation, the egg and sperm will be raised to the crystalline vibration.  It is like you are born in the womb of the Divine Mother.  The energy field of God and Divine Mother will surround you in a cocoon of love and light and throughout the entire gestation and birthing process, you will be in a state of complete tranquility)
        • SIRIUS Master Activation of Divine Heart Expansion (This is an Heart activation from the Sirius Master Le to assist beings to open their heart and to deepen their compassion, devotion and oneness to Source)
        • SIRIUS Master Connection to the Eternal I AM (Alignment and Harmonization to assist you to connect with the I AM Presence within you NOW)
        • Embodying Your God-Self (This activation session rolls back to conception and sweeps through your life helping you to clear, heal and release anything and everything that prevents you from embodying, anchoring and grounding spiritual energy from your God-Self into your physical, etheric, emotional and mental energy bodies, fields, parts and particles)
        • Clearing the Free Flow of Energy (This transmission scans your four lower bodies (physical, etheric, emotional and mental) for blocked, stuck, stagnant or very slow energy and helps release these blockages so that your energy flows freely throughout your energetic systems)
        • Special Gift 1 from the SIRIUS Master Councils (Blessing REQUEST from the Holy Spirit Shekinah to each sentient purifying their energetic system and awakening the gifts of the Holy Spirit within each being that are related to fulfilling the plan and contracts they made with the Creator prior to incarnation)
        • Special Gift 2 from the SIRIUS Master Councils (2nd Blessing Request from the Holy Spirit Shekinah to help each person to embody wisdom from the Creator at all levels of being as well as to balance the powerful love, compassion, light and power energies from the Divine Father and the Divine Mother)
        • SIRIUS Lightness of Being (This is a Lighten-Up BOOSTER)
        • Activating the SIRIUS Transformation Crystal for ENLIGHTENMENT (Get access to a crystal which will be used to charge water with specific energies. Instructions on how to do it are in the manual which you'll receive)
        • Merlin Wand Activation and Initiation (This is a Master attunement which assists each sentient being to embody the energies and frequencies of White Magic)
        • SIRIUS Mastery Integration (Integrates and aligns all transmissions with your Higher Self and Monad with ease and grace)

          Note: Here is a short instruction on how to receive the Codes:

          Lay down in a comfortable position 5 Minutes before the transmission starts. Set the intend that you will receive the  Codes at the arranged time and focus on your third eye for about 15-20 minutes. Ask your Higher Self  to download and integrate the Codes in your Energy field with ease and grace.

          Visualize yourself into a vibrating Spiral before or in your third eye and relax. (The  Codes will be loaded into your energy field or aura)

          Once the download starts, you will see kind of a colored fog entering into the Spiral before your third eye and anchoring the  transmissions. The images of these transmissions differ, since it is up to the Higher Being  to modify them to your needs.

          Give thanks after the transmission is done.

          Note: More detailed information will be given in the email instructions.



      With This Special Package You will receive the following:

      • The Spiritual SIRIUS Master Codes 4
      • The Activation Audio via Email
      • A Comprehensive Activation & Integration Guide
      • The 'ENLIGHTENMENT' Guide (How Prayers, Mantras and Spells Truly Work)
      • PLUS Free MAGICAl Color Reiki & MANUAL



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