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NEW Shamballa Master Codes 4


“This is a great time of change and therefore there is a great need to transform vast amounts of density into love and mastery."  The Shamballa Master Councils

Note: The following Shamballa Mastery Codes each contain hundreds and thousands of recalibrations to assist one in achieving personal mastery. Personal mastery is the mastery over negativity associated with fear and the embracing of all the light & power associated with the Shamballa Master frequencies.

These Shamballa Master Codes are recommended for all Spiritual Travelers!!!

        • SHAMBALLA Master Clearing and Alignment of the Central Channel (Clearing of Your INNER Healing Space)
        • SHAMBALLA Master Alignment and Attunement of the Heart Chambers (Activates Your Heart Chakra and multidimensional hearts)
        • SHAMBALLA Master Alignment and Clearing of the Mind (Clearing of negative thoughts and erasing them in the violet flame)
        • SHAMBALLA Mastery of the Christos Eyes (Astral eyes stimulation)
        • Special Gift 1 from the SHAMBALLA Master Councils (Soul Alignment and Attunement to the Soul of God)
        • Special Gift 2 from the SHAMBALLA Master Councils (Will Alignment and Attunement to the Will of GOD)
        • Re-Aligning Your Destiny (Surrender to GOD)
        • Activating the Golden Lamb of GOD (Surrender to Your Divine Path)
        • SHAMBALLA Karma RE-Script (Surrender Your Karmic Debt from the Past)
        • SHAMBALLA Shielding for the Solar Plexus (Protection Shield for negative feelings, emotions and negative entities)
        • SHAMBALLA Alignment with Peace and Serenity (Activate Inner Peace & Harmony)
        • Alignment to the Eternal Love (Aligning with the Love of the CREATOR)
        • Alignment to the Vision of Your Life Plan (SEE your path of life)
        • SHAMBALLA Cosmic Mastery Integration (Integrates and aligns all transmissions with your Higher Self and Monad with ease and grace)

          Note: Here is a short instruction on how to receive the Codes:

          Lay down in a comfortable position 5 Minutes before the transmission starts. Set the intend that you will receive the  Codes at the arranged time and focus on your third eye for about 15-20 minutes. Ask your Higher Self  to download and integrate the Codes in your Energy field with ease and grace.

          Visualize yourself into a vibrating Spiral before or in your third eye and relax. (The  Codes will be loaded into your energy field or aura)

          Once the download starts, you will see kind of a colored fog entering into the Spiral before your third eye and anchoring the  transmissions. The images of these transmissions differ, since it is up to the Higher Being  to modify them to your needs.

          Give thanks after the transmission is done.

          Note: More detailed information will be given in the email instructions.


      With This Special Package You will receive the following:

      • The Spiritual Shamballa Master Codes 4
      • The Activation Audio via Email
      • A Comprehensive Activation & Integration Guide
      • The 'MENTAL PENDULUM' Guide (Seth)



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