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Golden Light Sequence 2


We assist in the transformation of negative emotions to that of its positive counterparts. As humans, emotions are stored in many different ways throughout your energetic systems, including in your DNA components, your auric fields, your archives and more. This can make mastery over the negative emotions quite a task. Let us assist you in making leaps in your progression to lightness, to free you of all that holds you bound. The Angelic Light Councils

The Golden Ray helps your soul to clear the negative emotional programming from your genetic code and to replace this programming with positive emotional programming instead.  For example if you wanted to clear anger from your genetic code, it would be replaced with forgiveness, love, peace, calm and mercy or whatever positive, lighted emotions your soul wants at any given moment.  Depression would be replaced with optimism, love, joy, peace and harmony.  


These Golden Light Sequences Release Negativity & Replace Them

        • LEVEL 1 -- Activation to clear neuro-net programming from your brain that is anchoring, creating, allowing or enabling the negative emotion that you want to clear - This is intend based and will be clarified in the manual you will receive
        • LEVEL 2 -- Restores and clears negativity in the morphogenetic field (energy field around your DNA)
        • LEVEL 3 -- Clears negative past and current life programming
        • LEVEL 4 -- Complete scanning and clearing of fear based patterns at the soul level
        • LEVEL5 -- Release of distorted programming from the Akashic Records (multidimensional library of personal and universal knowledge)
        • LEVEL 6 -- Scan and Restoration of distortions in the peptide creation process  that are creating, allowing and enabling negative emotions (peptides effect the biochemical nature of the molecules)
        • LEVEL 7 -- Recalibration and seeding in the energy bodies, fields, parts and particles with the positive, lighted emotions that the soul of each person desires to embody
        • LEVEL 8 -- Implants and activates a Gold Ray Crystal of Forgiveness into your heart - This crystal is important for the second part of this package - the Golden Ray Forgiveness & Empowerment Attunement - see below....
        • LEVEL 9 -- Integrates and aligns all transmissions with your Higher Self and Monad with ease and grace

          Note: You will receive a Trigger Code, so that your soul can constantly keep upgrading your emotions at night while you sleep.

          Note: Here is a short instruction on how to receive the Codes:

          Lay down in a comfortable position 5 Minutes before the transmission starts. Set the intend that you will receive the  Codes at the arranged time and focus on your third eye for about 15-20 minutes. Ask your Higher Self  to download and integrate the Codes in your Energy field with ease and grace.

          Before you will receive these energy healing blessings, activate each Code into your BEING.(You will receive a manual and instructions on how to do it)

          Once the download starts, just lay down and relax while anchoring the  transmissions. The images and personal experience of these transmissions differ, since it is up to the Higher Being and your soul to modify them to your needs.

          Every transmission includes a permission from your soul. Give thanks after the transmission is done.

          Note: More detailed information will be given in the email instructions.


      With This Special Light Sequence Package You will receive the following:

      • The Activation Audio via Email
      • A Stunning Activation & Integration Guide
      • The 'GOLDEN RAY ATTUNEMENT' This empowerment includes teachings on the healing power of forgiveness. It includes notes on how to release fears - negativity and ignites the Light Crystal in your heart - see LEVEL 8 - so that you progress spiritually. This is a very lovely, beautiful energy. This is a master level course!!! ($29 Value)
      • Powerful Body Session which is ESSENTIAL For These Light Sequences to work, as blocked energy channels will be opened, so that LEVEL 1-9 above will pass through!!(This is a $80 Value)



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